Softgoods from idea to serial production

Bolster Softgoods offers textile solutions in a range of products and product groups. It could be a simple cover to package or protect your product. Or perhaps a custom-made backpack or more complex designs, such as ones incorporating an interaction between the softgoods and hardware (moving or stationary) parts.

Are you looking for a sleeve, upholstery, panel upholstery or technical textile solution with a serial nature? Or have you always wanted to have your own backpack or handbag line? Then Bolster Softgoods is exactly where you need to be. With our production locations in the Netherlands, Europe and Asia, we can always provide a solution with the right quality, at the right speed and for the right price.

To achieve the perfect product, we always search for the right combination of classical sewing and stitching with advanced techniques like ultrasonic welding, heat press thermoforming,  etc. Quality is guaranteed.

All handling, transport, packaging and quality control of your softgoods are carried out by us. This means you can stop worrying about those aspects and focus instead on your business.

Bolster Softgoods takes care of it.

Experienced Process Partner

Experienced Process Partner

Our team of specialists has around 18 years of experience in developing and producing a wide range of textile products. We manufacture these products in series of dozens to thousands of items. We make exactly the quantity that you, our customer, requires. We grow with you. With our extensive network of production, transport and assembly, we can shift gears very rapidly. This makes us highly flexible.

Do you have a challenging design? Or are you searching for a seamless connection of your textile part to hardware? Bring it to us! We are waiting to help you out!