We know the way

To enable fast progress from a design to production, we follow a set step-by-step plan. Each step in this process is needed to develop a high-quality textile product that can be easily scaled up in production.

Step 01

Getting acquainted

It all starts with an idea or a sketch for a textile product or component. You also need a good impression of the target end-user’s needs and wishes. At bolster we are experienced in textile, certification, printing, finishing and reproduction. During a preliminary interview to get acquainted, we look for the best way to support each other. And the most important aspect is: how can we realise your softgoods idea as perfectly and as quickly as possible?

Step 02


At Bolster Softgoods we proudly use our own designers, who proactively contribute ideas in the discussion with you. Because all of our employees have a background in the textile industry, we already pay attention in the design phase to making the production process smooth. This saves our clients time and money. We also pay attention to detail and style. If you already have a design on paper, we can check that it meets all the requirements for production.

Step 03


From experience, we know that an idea only really comes alive when viewed in 3D. That is why we focus on constructing a prototype as soon as possible. With a prototype in your hands, it is much easier to make decisions about the best materials, constructions and associated techniques.

Step 04


As soon as the prototype is ready, and the selection of all materials, techniques and printing is complete, we start production. This could involve dozens or batch or serial production, delivered in several small parts or all at once. It is also possible to scale up from a first small series to 100,000 products annually. On this basis we examine whether we can get the production chain rolling in house or externally. And, of course, we can take care of every detail of product assembly, mounting hardware, packaging, transport and logistics.