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Embossing is a technique in which images and patterns are created on the surface of a product through the application of heat and pressure. Embossing is a natural process which changes the nature of the material on which it is done. Also known as Blind Printing or Relief Printing, it is the creative impression of a design, decoration, or pattern on a textile surface. During the process of embossing, the surface of the embossed material rises, adding a new dimension to the object. Embossing can be done on various textiles, artificial and natural leather.

  • Blind Emboss, in which the embossed image and the fabric surface are the same.
  • Single-Level Emboss, in which the image area is raised to one flat level.
  • Multi-Level Emboss, in which the embossed image is raised to different levels to give a depth to the embossing.
  • Printed Emboss, in which the embossed part corresponds with a printed image.
  • Registered Emboss, in which the printed image is embossed to give it a raised look.
  • Glazing is a polished emboss used on a dark-coloured surface. More heat and pressure are applied during embossing, which give a shine to the fabric surface.

This technique is used for decorating textile products for high-quantity productions.

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Our Approach

To enable fast switching from a design to production, we follow a set step-by-step plan. Each step in this process is needed to develop a high-quality textile product that can be easily scaled up in production.

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