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RIM is a cold cure foam moulding process. This technique is used to shape thermosetting foam by injecting thermosetting polyurethane resin (PUR) into a mould where it reacts to form a foamed or solid part. Depending on quantity, a GRP (glass-reinforced plastic), aluminium or steel mould can be used.

This process can be defined in 3 stages. In stage 1 the moulds are cleaned, and release agent is applied. Inserts and frames are put in place, and the mould is clamped shut. The two components to create PUR, polyol and isocyanate, are stored in separate containers and are fed into a mixing head where they are combined under high pressure. During stage 2 the polymer begins to expand into the mould. In stage 3 the product is demoulded after 5-15 minutes, depending on the size and thickness of the part.

Typical applications of RIM include furniture such as car and train chairs, bike saddles, airplane seats, armrests and cushions. It is also suitable for cushioning properties in soles of footwear and tactile toys.

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Our Approach

To enable fast switching from a design to production, we follow a set step-by-step plan. Each step in this process is needed to develop a high-quality textile product that can be easily scaled up in production.

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